gel manicure, gel pedicureThere were some articles in recent press indicating that gel nails are associated with a cancer risk.  
Note this is only in the case of curing the polish with UV light.  At the Garden Retreat we use LED Light which has no risk.  The attached article will help clear up any misunderstanding and clearly states....
"LED lamps are used in drying regular nail polish and don’t pose a health risk because they don’t emit ultraviolet radiation. Some skin cancers are caused by exposure to certain ultraviolet light"

GELeration from Jessica and Harmony Gelish are part of the next generation of soak-off gel nail systems. Created with the health of the natural nail in mind, this evolution in technology protects nails, offering weak, bitten or problem nails the opportunity to grow.
Gel polish is solid, shiny with the polish lasting up to three weeks or even more.  From dark sultry reds and browns to vibrant pinks, corals, reds and bright aqua! There is a colour to suit every occasion - including French finish, token ring finger special finish, jewels, glitters and more.
Much has been done in recent years in the nail polish industry due to most women complaining of frequent application of their favorite nail polish. As compared to the ordinary nail colour the gel nail polish sticks to your nails for around 3 – 4 weeks. You will get nails that are protected and sealed, yet tough and flexible.
The Gel Nail polish is a bonus for those very busy ladies who love to maintain their perfect nails or who are going on a long vacation. They are just like an ordinary nail polish and come in similar bottles. However, their functioning is a bit different and the results are simply great, smudge free and long lasting.
So why not try our gel Nail polish and see for yourself.